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At the Bavarian State Brewery Weihenstephan, we have always been committed to taking responsibility for our environment and giving sustainability the utmost importance in our daily operations. Find out more about our new certificate.


Download our Environmental Statement 2021 here!

With the publication of our first Environment Statement, it is now official. The world´s oldest brewery has been certified according to the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) since January 2022. In the Environment Statement the Bavarian State Brewery Weihenstephan sets out clearly expressed targets and aims to achieve water consumption savings of nine percent, energy savings of four percent and electricity savings of one percent alongside further improvements in material consumption by 2024.

Environmental Statement is a major milestone

With the publication of its first Environment Statement, the world´s oldest brewery is setting a major milestone and formulating environmental targets for the coming years that moves the brewery further along its long-chosen path of an environmentally friendly company policy. The Bavarian State Brewery Weihenstephan has always been aware of its responsibility as a company and employer in terms of sustainability and environmental protection and has been accordingly progressive in all its investments and processes for decades.

"We are happy to be measured by our goals"

At the Weihenstephan brewery, tradition meets state-of-the-art processes, and the brewery has been dedicated to protecting the environment and promoting social causes for decades. The modern logistics center, for example, which was commissioned in the middle of 2019 after years of planning and construction is a CO2 neutral building where the entire energy supply, including the heat pumps, runs on 100 percent green electricity. With foresight in the planning phase, the building is additionally prepared for photovoltaic systems that will be installed in the near future. “The logistics center is one of the best examples for how long the topic of sustainability has been determining our decisions and actions. Even though the opening was just a few years ago, the key decisions for a CO2 neutral building were taken much earlier. This proves that we always had our sights on environmental aspects when planning our projects and investments and not just when we started working on our first Environment Statement. All our sustainability activities have now been documented and anyone who is interested can read about the targets we have set ourselves for the coming years. The process of improving and optimizing is a continuous one, one that will never end for us as a brewery and we are happy to be measured by our goals“, explains the director of the brewery, Prof. Dr. Josef Schrädler, describing the philosophy that drives the Bavarian State Brewery.

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