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Beer prices around the world - from cheapest to most expensive



Autor: Anton Hirschfeld


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Good beer for good money! How much people pay exactly around the world is being presented in an interactive map by finder.com.


This map shows that we in Germany are slightly above average - measured in U.S. dollars and pint-sized beers. finder.com finds that the average price in Germany is $3.84, while the global average is $3.53. We'll show you where the extremes are!

The most expensive beer locations in the world are quite different - and you have to travel far from Weihenstephan to pay these prices. Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is the most expensive, sitting at $11.60, as is Doha (Qatar) at $11.49. Reykjavik in Iceland follows with some distance (10.76 dollars) and Oslo in Norway with "only" 9.96 dollars.

And who are our direct "beer price neighbors"? In the Northern Mariana Islands, you pay $3.92 per half-pint, in Brunei $3.77 and in Nepal $3.75. Our real neighbors fare as follows: In Austria, you're allowed to shell out an average of $4.39, in Switzerland as much as $7.83, but in the Czech Republic it's only $1.61. We'll be on our way...

But if you want to spend less money on beer, the Czech Republic is not the only place to do so. In a total of seven countries, a pint costs less than a dollar on average: Saudi Arabia (99 cents), Vietnam (95 cents), Ethiopia (91 cents), Malawi (87 cents), Nigeria (85 cents), Uzbekistan (80 cents) and the price leader is Venezuela with an average of 70 cents per pint.

The data comes from the cost-of-living comparison sites Expatistan and Numbeo. More information is available in the interactive map from finder.com - check it out here: https://www.finder.com/international-beer-price-map

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