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Beer Spiking (Bierstacheln) - discover new aspects of our beer



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A cold Weihenstephaner is an absolute delight – and in the winter months you can add even more enjoyment to your drinking experience. Perhaps you've already seen beer lovers swirling an iron spike in their beer. They don't do this for fun, but out of tradition.

The so-called “Bierstacheln“ tradition has namely a historical background: in the past, the beer was often too cold to drink directly in the winter months. Apparently, it was then the blacksmiths that had the idea – why not just stir the beer with a poker and heat the beer to drinking temperature? And, you´ve perhaps guessed it, that´s where the name Stachel – spike – comes from. These days, the whole thing is of course more hygienic with purpose-made spikes.

So, what exactly happens with the beer when it is heated with such a Stachel? The fermentation process means that there is still of course residual malt sugar in the beer. The hot iron causes the sugar to caramelize. A very fine, almost creamy foam develops, reducing the carbonation in the beer. And logically, it´s no longer cold – through the Bierstacheln, the beer tastes pleasant and particularly soft.

An important tip: Stacheln is in principle possible with all beers, but it works best with beers that contain a lot of residual sugar. Our dark Doppelbock Korbinian is the perfect choice. And an absolute must: avoid stirring like crazy as if you are mixing dough! After heating the Bierstachel with a Bunsen burner, stir slowly and smoothly in a circular motion. Within seconds, a creamy and warm foam develops, which is just what makes the Stacheln so special: to drink the gently heated beer through the soft, warm foam – a delicious taste experience.

And don´t forget: it´s very important to place the Stachel on a heat resistant surface afterwards. Even after the beer spiking, it can still be very hot – it´s best not to take any risks.

What do you need for Bierstacheln?

  • 0.5 liters Weihenstephaner Korbinian
  • Bierstachel – beer spike
  • Bunsen burner
  • Two glasses
  • … and a little adventurous spirit!
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