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Honey Beer BBQ Burger – Serves 2



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For the sauce:

1 small red onion, 1 garlic clove, 2-3 chili peppers, 1 tbsp sunflower oil, 150 ml ketchup, 100 ml Weihenstephaner Kellerbier 1516, 60 ml honey, 2 tbsp Worcester sauce, 1 tbsp hot mustard

For the burger:

250 g fresh minced beef, 1 small red onion, 1 garlic clove, salt and pepper, approx. 60 ml Weihenstephaner Kellerbier 1516, burger buns

For the honey beer BBQ sauce, sweat the chili peppers, finely chopped onion and garlic so that they become translucent, pour in the Weihenstephaner Kellerbier 1516. Then add ketchup, honey, Worcester sauce and mustard, stir and bring to the boil. Reduce the heat and leave to simmer without lid for about 20 minutes, stir occasionally until the sauce has the desired texture. For the burger, mix the fresh minced beef, onion, garlic (both finely chopped again), salt and pepper in a dish. 

Add about 60 ml Weihenstephaner Kellerbier 1516 (the meat mixture should not become too runny!), mix well once again, shape into burgers and fry on each side for about 5 minutes. Place on a toasted burger bun and garnish as you wish with lettuce, tomatoes, onion rings, fried bacon and, of course, with the home-made honey beer BBQ sauce! 

Serve with a cool Kellerbier 1516 and enjoy the perfect burger dinner.

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