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How artificial intelligence can work in the brewing industry: Kick-off of the "Talk@TheBrewery" lecture series



Autor: Anton Hirschfeld


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Starting now, Talk@TheBrewery will be a returning lecture series at the Weihenstephan brewery. We started with a hot topic: artificial intelligence.


Artificial intelligence in brewing and beverage technology - a field full of possibilities and optimization potential: At the first lecture in the Talk@TheBrewery series, organized by the Research Center Weihenstephan of Technical University Munich, it became clear right away that AI plays a weighty role not only in the future, but also in the present.

Tools such as ChatGPT have recently brought the topic to the attention of a wider audience, but in the fields of research it has been a well-known one for decades. As Prof. Dr. Thomas Schlechter, guest speaker at Weihenstephan and Professor of Automotive Mechatronics at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, pointed out, there were studies on the topic of electronic nose - a technical system for detecting and measuring odors - as early as 30 years ago. In a sensory-heavy environment like brewing, such advances are naturally interesting. Prof. Dr. Schlechter showed how artificial intelligences can already detect defects in beers with a reliability of over 90 percent - in real time, not after lengthy analyses. Through immediate feedback processes, the AIs make recommendations that can be accepted and subsequently implemented by authorized personnel - such as brewmasters.

The brewing process is an exciting area in this matter anyway: Some breweries have already acquired a taste for it in the truest sense of the word. Recipe analyses with corresponding recommendations, market observation and evaluation, everything for the perfect beer - but whether the taste fits the expectations is always up to the consumers.

Prof. Dr. Schlechter's talk drew a picture of the potential applications of AI in brewing and beverage technology. The next Talk@TheBrewery on August 17 at 4 p.m., again at the Bavarian State Brewery Weihenstephan, will focus on the American craft beer scene. The title of this talk is: “Challenges ahead in the USA craft brewing industry”. The guest speaker will then be Dr. Glen Fox, Anheuser-Busch Endowed Professor of Malting and Brewing Sciences, UC Davis. Please note: This talk is in English. Registration via Eventbrite is requested: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/talkthe-brewery-17-august-2023-tickets-673001273927?aff=oddtdtcreator

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