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Goodbye, Tim.



Autor: Anton Hirschfeld


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Thank you, Tim, for all you have done for our brewery. We will miss you.

The Weihenstephan family says „Goodbye“. Tim Lynch, who was a TBS employee for twelve years before becoming the first and to date only Weihenstephan Country Manager, has passed after battling cancer for the last year.

The footsteps he leaves are certainly big ones – until his final breath he was dedicated to give his all for our brewery: Whether at the CBC in Las Vegas to promote the Braupakt or during his many visits all over the States. He did not let the illness get the best of him and still did his job – or better yet: worked for his passion. He has been on the road in the name of beer since 2006, when Total Beverage Solution implemented Weihenstephan beers into their portfolio. Tim was responsible for Weihenstephan and several other brands from 2006 to 2018 – before becoming our very first Country Manager. Tim has always been our first choice: His passion, his dedication and his personality were unrivaled. And he tackled this new job like the pro he was.

Without him Weihenstephan would not be the kind of brand in the US that it is today. His close relations to store and restaurant owners or distributors are one of a kind. Tim was an absolute philantropist and knew how to handle everyone he met. Even those who seemed a little difficult at first. No problem for Tim! He always had a foot on the gas and refused to slow down.

But all these accomplishments vanish in the light of him being an incredible human being. Helpful, kind, open, always witty – and an absolute Californian original. He lived life the way it should be: with a smile on his face, fun and full of excitement. One could have serious and deep conversations with him on one day, while having a night full of laughter on the next. We did not only lose a dear colleague, but also a close friend. A friend who lived thousands of kilometers away but still gave you a comfortable feeling whenever we saw each other. A friend who everyone took to their heart the moment you met him. We simply lost a wonderful person.

Our thoughts are with his wife Sarah and his two daughters. The Bayerische Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan will always cherish Tim’s accomplishments and keep him in our fondest memories. Farewell, Tim, until we meet again. Here’s to you.

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